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Desi Bryant has worn many hats throughout his 20-year professional career in Los Angeles; as a personal trainer, high school basketball coach, and producer.

Born and raised in Los Angeles, California Mr. Bryant has been involved in athletics since the age of six and is still physically active in sports. Bryant coached high school basketball for 10 years at one of Southern California’s best, Inglewood High. Mr. Bryant’s constant involvement in basketball and working several years as a Commissioner at the prestigious Michael Jordan Flight School allowed him to forge strong relationships with many of today’s NBA Stars.

Growing up in the Los Angeles has helped Bryant establish multifaceted relationships with individuals not only in sports but in the entertainment industry on all levels.

Mr. Bryant earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Management from the University of Phoenix and also completed two years of Law School, with an emphasis on Entertainment Law. His producing skills were honed in 2008 when he introduced a prominent director to a producer and from that introduction the movie Hurricane Season was created. This provided Mr. Bryant the opportunity to be on set from start to finish and earn a special thanks credit. Since that time Bryant has began to develop his own projects. As Bryant pursues his goal to mentor and help others achieve their dreams he is an asset to many productions because of his invaluable enthusiasm and determination.

Desi’s success in motion pictures also translates into his keen ability to leverage his network of relationships, ranging from athletes to hollywood’s elite. Mr. Bryant knows how to deliver the results clients rely on in a timely manner.

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